About Us

About Lynne:
So I’m the mother and creator of this enterprise which has clearly been highjacked by my daughters. Why did I start this – I thought there must be a product which attachs to a car seat where little ones can play with their toys while travelling, as I get car sick I couldn’t keep turning around and picking the toys off the floor. I finally found the Snack and Play tray and that started my journey, the Snack and Play being one of my top products. We wanted to create a site where people could buy unusual things that would ease the problem of travelling with children and make everyone’s trip hassle free. I hope you like the web site we have enjoyed creating it.

About Nat:
Hi, my name is Natalie and I am trying to be a responsible mother of one! I also like to class myself as independent however my itemised phone bill seems to think otherwise detailing my mothers telephone number at least three times a day… I am sure this is a mistake on their part.

I have a two year old daughter Scarlett who loves nothing more than tidying up after me whilst saying ‘oh mummy’ and tutting – its like being a child all over again, sometimes I wonder if I have actually given birth to my mother they are so similar, that said I do not remember my mother having the same pleasure that Scarlett gets in tidying up after me! I also have Chris who is my long suffering boyfriend/partner of 10 years, he is the unrealistic one of the family, a typical conversation between us…I say, ‘where shall we go this year with our newborn baby’, Chris says ‘why don’t we take the car to Afganastan’ umm, I think not.

As a family we love to travel and often camp abroad and in the UK – don’t get me wrong, I would also like to travel and stay in 5 star accommodation, alas money does not permit this lifestyle although occasionally I do like to splurge with the help of my friend Visa…well normally we just upgrade to a 5 star campsite with a pool to be honest. I also like to daydream.

Our lives revolve around travelling and Scarlett always comes with us, I hope you enjoy my blog about our current planned adventures, reviews on where we have been and how child friendly places are, as well as photos and current interesting topics!

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