Me Finder – Essential for travelling with children

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The new Me Finder -award winning children’s product essential when travelling with children

Have you ever lost your child, it is the most terrible feeling in the world, you think you are going to be sick, that your heart will stop, you are going to collapse all those really ghastly feelings.

Children do go missing usually just for a short time whether you are shopping, at the beach, at a fun park the list is endless. You want to find your child quickly that is the only thought in your head – well here is the perfect solution that allows you to have peace of mind.

A wristband that has phone numbers already programmed in, looks like a watch and is fun to wear. No sooner than you lose sight of your child and your mobile will be ringing with a safe adult on the other end. Brought to us by who have a great web site that gives you loads of information on Child Safety. Can also be purchased from

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