Diary Of a 30 Hour Flight – Without Drugs

What you will gradually learn about me through my blog is that I do like the
easy option, whether this be paracetamol at the first twinge of a headache,
lemsip for a sniffle or milk being delivered to the door even though there is a
shop across the road (supporting the local milkman of course). So, bearing this
in mind I have to ask myself how on earth am I going cope on a 30 hour flight
Down Under with a 2/12 year old daughter and a 35 year old partner whose
attention and boredom levels are roughly the same, added to that we have a
wedding to go to the day after arrival!

I have researched everything that will make the flight easier, from
meditation/yoga techniques for the family, to drugs – for the family. I have
decided there must be a balance, I dont particularly want to be ‘Omming’ cross
legged on the seat but nor do I want to take anti-histamines to comatose us all,
after all, long haul flights mean free food and I have never been one to decline
the offer of food, no matter how grey and uninviting it may look just because my
gross motor skills have been lost due to anti-histamine abuse.

Concern 1.

My inability to not care what people think. On a trip to Canada when Scarlett
was 5 months I found myself apologising for the simple fact that I was bringing
a baby on board, as it happened it turned out that this apology was well
warranted when half way through the 11 hour flight Scarlett had Diarrhea which leaked
through the nappy, onto our clothes then continued its way into the cracks in the
aeroplane seat – thus creating a stench that assaulted everybody’s sense of smell
within three rows of us.

As time goes by I am slightly hardening up and learning my sisters philosophy of
“I paid the same price for my seat as them, if they are child haters that’s there
problem”. In saying all this I have flown over 10 times with my daughter and
everyone has always been very lovely. The next flight may be a different story
as her legs are now within kicking distance of the chair in front…bring on the
harness – nevermind the safety aspect, give me restraint!!!!

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