Dubrovnik with an 18 month old

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So this is my first City post, if you think anything is missing or I end up rambling and not making any sense – feel free to let me know!

We arrived at Dubrovnik by car in mid September with the sun shining and temperatures in the mid to late 20′s – perfect! Whether you have caught a bus or hired a car to get to the old town, the views from above Dubrovnik are amazing – massive Ocean Liners dot the landscape, multi million pound yachts can be seen moored up against the harbour and the orange roof tiles of the medieval city create amazing colour against a backdrop of blue water. The feeling that you are about to enter somewhere special does not abate even when you realise that you have to park the car at the top of the hill and walk down many steps to get to the old town of Dubrovnik, not really a problem when going downhill.

In mid September Dubrovnik Old Town was not overrun with tourists which does make it easier, once you enter the walled city the atmosphere has a buzz and vibrancy that rivals many other big named cities in Europe. We have a Maclaren quest pushchair that managed okay on the cobblestones and although very bumpy Scarlett seemed to think the ride was the highlight of the holiday and as an added bonus when there was a rain shower, the buggy came in very useful for keeping me upright on the slippery surface. After having a look round the shops, (Scarlett with her reins on which the locals found hilarious) we decided to
walk along the city walls, there is an area to keep the buggy so we used the buggy lock for extra security in case anybody was tempted to steal our food covered, faded buggy. We paid the money and made our way up, I must point out that whilst not being as much of a climb as the steps back up to the car park, negotiating the steep, worn and slippery steps up to the top of the wall was no easy feat whilst carrying a small wriggly child – but yes, it was worth it!

There are many food choices in Dubrovnik at the restaurants are very child friendly apart from the lack of high chairs but it is fairly easy to rig something up and occasionally the old style wooden chair without straps is produced. I had forgot to take my portable high chair so when we first arrived in Croatia I was a bit anxious about the seating arrangements and couldn’t help thinking that there was sure to be trips to A&E as a result of falling off chairs, however, we managed without incident – will not forget chair next time however! We found a small café tucked in one of the narrow ally-ways that sold reasonably priced sandwiches and the manager made a fuss of Scarlett then found us some cushions so we could prop her up and wedge her inbetween us on one of the café’s benches, once all this was accomplished we all enjoyed sitting down with a sandwich, beer and a spot of people watching!

After an exciting but tiring time in the Old Town our thoughts turned to the journey back up to the car park, Scarlett had no such worries as she was fast asleep in her Dads arms, we however, armed with buggy, shopping bags and a small but heavy child concluded this could be good training for members of the SAS.

In conclusion, we all had a fantastic time and Scarlett enjoyed clambering up and down stone steps, discovering the nooks and crannies of the city, with the added bonus of it being compact and pedestrianised.

* Take a child carrier instead of a buggy
* Leave enough energy for the climb back up to the carpark
* Be aware that most restaurants do not have high chairs so a portable one is very handy

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